South Denmark startup company was surprised by the success at the world‘s biggest trade fair.

As Per Mose Jakobsen, the entrepreneur from Haders-lev, in the summer of 2012 embarked on an attempt to challenge the conservative scaffolding industry – the goal was to develop a new generation of scaffolding platforms in composite material.

The industry has traditionally used wood, steel and aluminum platforms, but Moses Per Jakobsen went with an idea to replace, especially the heavy wood and steel deck with a lighter, fire resistant and non-slip composite platform.

In addition to the obvious ergonomic advantages for the scaffolding workers – the entrepreneur‘s company, Nordic Platform, could also offer a platform dyed in the logo and colors of the buyer. Theft from construction sites has for years been a growing problem and has been a major cost factor for contractors and craftsmen. However, with the individualized scaffolding platforms, this problem suddenly could be reduced considerably…