How do you handle our product

Environmental conditions


Like with any other product AIRSTEPS needs regular cleaning in order to ensure the products value. Profile ends and crossbeams are resistant towards medium strong acids and alkali; including hydrochloric acid which is often used for cleaning brickwork. The product can therefore be cleaned using the most regular cleaning agents. In contrast to aluminium, composite is also resistant towards the often-used alkali agents throughout the building process – e.g. Sodium hydroxide.

In a case where the product is very dirty, mechanical cleaning can become necessary and possible – as long as no cutting tools are used. If using high pres-sure cleaning the same precautions as when cleaning veneer platforms must be taken; high pressure and a small distance to the product should be avoided as it could cause surface damage.


Incineration – the profile contains 35% combustible material which means that disposed products can add a significant energy contribution if incinerated. It is important to notice that not all incinerators accept products where glass is a significant part of the ash. Since polyester only contains the chemical elements: coal, hydrogen and oxygen there will through correct incineration only be developed carbon dioxide, steam and no pollutants.


Composite is very difficult for nature to break down which makes it suitable for reuse. After appropriately being granulated composite can be used as filler in concrete, asphalt and as part of the base of a road structure. Larger amounts of ends can be used as valuable recyclable plastic and steel in several other production facilities.