Nordic Platform provides unique advertising benefits to the construction industry

 From local start-up business to International market disrupter 

The Haderslev-based company has experienced strong growth and are expanding to sell in 8 countries versus last year’s 3 countries. For Nordic Platform, 2016 has been the year in which it got its international breaktrough. In April the company exhibited at the world’s biggest sales exhibition BAUMA. After the exhibition, the true challenge has been where to focus.

Following such a good year – it is suitable to ask the question: What is Nordic Platform doing right? And how can a company of this modest magnitude challenge and disrupt an industry that is driven by massive corporations? In search of the answer, we have had a conversation with Geir Gule, the CEO of Christiania Stillas and VP of Engineering at UEG (Union Europäischer Gerüstbaubetriebe). Christiania Stillas is one of Nordic Platforms biggest customers with over 40,000 platforms ordered so far.