Double gain with newly developed wall anchor

Airsteps rørfastgørelse forbedrer sikkerheden og mindsker risikoen for tyveri. De udenlandske markeder har på kort tid taget den danskudviklede stilladsløsning til sig.

The safety of the Danish construction sites is forever under scrutiny and it will hardly be less in the future. The Labor Inspectorate is on continuous inspection visits all over the country but in spite of this the survey issued by the Labor Inspectorate last spring shows there has been an increase in the number of occupational accidents in the construction industry from 4,539 in 2011 to 5,177 in 2016.

The scaffolding industry contributes to the statistics. There are many work situations when working on scaffolding or handling scaffolding which poses a potential risk and therefore requires attention. It is not only a fall from scaffolding one can be harmed by even if this situation is quite serious. More commonly head injury is caused by collisions with for example wall anchors on the scaffolding. Some companies have a policy of mandatory injunction for the use of helmets but not everyone is jumping on the move and it gives bumps and scratches as the grey metal fasteners can easily be overlooked when working.