An overview of the properties of our materials

Material properties

Thermal Aging

2000 hours at 80°C.

UV Aging

ISO 4892-2: 2006 method A The light source was a water-cooled xenon arc lamp with two Borosilikatfilter. Black standard temperature was 65°C and the air temperature 38°C. The light intensity was controlled at 340 nm on 0.5 l W/m²nm. Pieces were removed after 2000 hours. 2000 hours corresponds to 2 years of direct sunlight in Scandinavia

Chemical Resistance

ALKALI & HCl Aging
For the material resistance to alkaline materials such as plaster and mortar, the product is placed in 50°C warm saturated solution of CaOH2 for 500 hours.

The product has been submersed in a 30% HCL solution at 23°C for 500 hours.

SampleMaximum force Mpa
thermal aging zero sample 202
2000 h 232
UVzero sample 218
2000 h 286
Alkali zero sample 267
500 h 253
Acid zero sample 294
500 h 220